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Write a bit of content about branch loggers. For example, they’re used to cut branches into smaller logs so they can be used for fuel, mass reducing waste etc. Looking for about 250 – 300 words.

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Branch Loggers

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Branch Loggers

Welmac UK is the sole importer and distributor for the United Kingdom. Welmac are the original supplier of branch logging technology in fact coining the now-common phrase ‘Branch Logger’.

At Welmac we believe that Arpal represents the pinnacle of development and quality in log processing machines.

The extensive range includes PTO, petrol and electric powered units. Machines are available to suit different applications and budgets.

Quality of construction and technical capabilities are paramount, Arpal is unique in offering a 3-year warranty. At first glance the machines are similar to competitor units; on closer inspection, the Arpal machine has many technical and structural advantages.

  • The cutting head frame is constructed using structural pins rather than welding, this means that the structure is more rigid and precise, giving increased reliability and strength.
  • Side wall and frame construction is thicker providing greater integrity.
  • Rotor shaft is thicker increasing strength and durability.
  • Each driven gear has its own clutch, which prevents gear breakages.
  • The induction hardened gear has a ratio which is greater than other suppliers providing higher cutting power.
  • Blades are ground on both planes which gives cleaner cuts and prolongs blade life.
  • Blades are fixed using 12.9 hardness cap head bolts, which prevents wear and eliminates movement due to wear.
  • Twin rotor shafts are milled to a high tolerance so that blades fit precisely this means that power is transferred without stressing the fixing bolts.  This feature also means that following sharpening it is much easier to shim blades to their correct position (0.2mm)
  • The PTO shaft connection is induction hardened preventing undue wear.
  • All Arpal branch loggers are finished in a powder coating rather than simple paint which gives durability and prevents corrosion.