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An introduction to pallet shredders and chippers. Write a few lines about why a company would want to invest in a pallet chipper. i.e. saving money on pallet disposal, turning unwanted pallets into biomass fuel etc.

Welmac Angry Beaver Pallet Shredder

Single Shaft Pallet Shredder


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Powerful & Efficient

  • All the power you need comes from a 415v, 22kw electric motor.
  • A 5-1 heavy-duty gearbox, and a banded 4V section drive belt provide high-torque for quick and efficient shredding.
  • The 1300mm wide roller and 19 hardened steel fixed hammer tips make short work of pallets and waste wood.
  • A powerful magnetic roller separates any nails from the woodchip.
  • Shred up to 50 full-sized pallets an hour.
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Safety Built In

  • Emergency shut of switches at all critical points means you can shut the machine off from anywhere.
  • The in-built stress control system will auto-reverse if the rotor gets overloaded or comes into contact with large, steel objects.
  • Fitted with safety plugs you have to disconnect to gain access to the rotor. Once disconnected, the shredder cannot start up, removing the risk of accidents during maintenance.
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Easy to Operate

  • The control panel is easy to understand and simple to operate.
  • A purpose-built steel platform makes loading pallets into the hopper easy and safe. Custom built access solutions are available (at an added cost).
  • A powerful magnet removes nails an metal contaminents.
  • The built-in fork truck tine holes allow you to pick the machine up from the side or rear.
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Maximum Uptime

  • Cosntructed from heavy-duty steel, our pallet chipper is built to last.
  • The built-in stress control system auto-reverses to prevent jams and blockages.
  • Transmission pulleys are easy to adjust.
  • Cutting tips are reversable, giving twice the lifespan.
  • Replacing the cutting tips is quick and easy thanks to a single bolt design.
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Technical Specifications

Max. ProductivityRotor SpeedMotorPower Supply
Up to 50 Pallets P/H92 RPM22KW Electric415 Volt, 63 Amp
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